How should a mattress

The conformation of the body ensures that its weight is not evenly distributed through the various anatomical regions , but rather various from region to region . We will then heavier parts of the body and other lighter . Consequently, the condition for obtaining a perfect relaxation is that the mattress reacts to the weight of the different anatomical areas in a differentiated manner , assisting in the floor bed in its action to correct support for the spine .
Mattresses uniformly too stiff or too soft , like the traditional ones, the muscular force to prolonged tensions in a vain attempt to come to a natural rest position . This affects the quality of rest and sleep and is often the cause of painful conditions such as neuralgia and myalgia .
When the body is properly supported throughout its surface , the structure of muscle you can relax and helps to achieve faster than the deepest stage of sleep , called REM sleep or " phase of the dream." In optimal situations , this lasts about 20 minutes and can be done 4-6 times per night.
The achievement of deep sleep
The mattresses differentiated support offered by the company ensure total muscle relaxation and with their high degree of flexibility to allow the bed to exercise proper support of the spine , thereby ensuring a natural resting position for perfect relaxation.
The knowledge acquired orthopedic determine the characteristics of lift and elasticity that the integrated bed system has to offer :
• elastic support for the neck
• more support for supporting the cervical vertebrae
• support more welcoming to the shoulders
• wrap-around support for the lumbar vertebrae
• supporting bearing and elastic for the basin
• welcoming and elastic support to the femur
• load-bearing support for the tibial area and feet
Keep your body in an ideal microclimate
An essential requirement of the mattress is the ability to keep your body in an ideal microclimate , preventing night sweats ( 1/4 to 1 /2 liter per night) cause harmful stagnation of moisture. The mattresses offered by the company are manufactured in such a way as to cause , triggered by the pressure caused by the movements of the body, a healthy supply of fresh air that optimizes perspiration and moisture dissipation resulting from sweating.
This ensures the continuing high level of hygiene and opposes the proliferation of mold, bacteria and dust mites often cause allergic diseases .

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