Why ' Wood ?
Thank you to the main features of the wood, eco-friendly material , warm and durable , these products provide a quality ' extreme rest, in full respect of the environment, isolandovi from electromagnetic pollution , the primary cause of the disorder of good sleep.
The finishes are made with non-toxic paints , ecological . The well-designed , simple and linear in form, is added to the more ' high technological features , and is suitable for any decor. The natural materials , technology and aesthetics come together in these unique products , to ensure total relaxation.
Wide range of products , from the fixed version in manual mode, up to the electric to meet any kind of need, even the more ' complex , covering specific diseases . In fact, ' known as resting with legs raised help provide a better function of the musculoskeletal and circulatory systems. Raise your upper body , however, promotes digestion night , avoiding discomfort to the cardiovascular and digestive systems. electric versions , the low voltage motor and ' guaranteed , quiet, and high technology .
We believe that there is nothing more ' comfortable rest guaranteed by primordial elements , and ' a little ' how to return to deal with what nature offers us.

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Wooden slats fixed

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